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Tonic The Organic Beauty Store is a MINDFUL beauty destination for those who seek to challenge the protocols of mainstream beauty, preferring to opt for luxe organic, natural, botanical skin and body care. Our MINDFUL beauty collections are safe to use, sustainably & ethically sourced, eco friendly to our planet, cruelty free to animals and in many instances, vegan too.  

Tonic The Organic Beauty Store is the creation of founder and beauty professional Melissa Powley.

As an aesthetician/skin care specialist/facialist of some 20+yrs of experience, Melissa wanted to explore the world of green beauty and wellness, moving away from the harmful ingredients present in so many mainstream skin care brands. For Melissa, it is her mission to educate her clients about the benefits of healthy beauty alternatives, offering them beauty care collections that are safe, luxurious and highly effective. 


"For me, educating our clients and getting them to truly understand their skin is so important. However, teaching our clients how to respect and appreciate the dynamics of their skin and how to safely nurture it is key to its health & vitality. This is what I like to refer to as mindful beauty."

[ Melissa Powley - Founder of Tonic ]

As an aesthetician, I recommend that our clients question what they use, why, when & how they use it. I also encourage them to really get to know their skin type - how it feels, how it looks, its mood and its issues. Being in touch with your skin will allow you to be confident about your skin care choices. This empowers our clients to purchase with confidence knowing they will be rewarded by the results.


How do we select our MINDFUL beauty brands for Tonic?

Our selections are carefully curated by the following criteria:


 Ingredients used in the product, their certifications and source.
The philosophy and commitment to wellness, health, natural and organic beauty.
The integrity of a brand and its certifications.
The effectiveness and integrity of ingredients and how they are sourced.
A brands commitment to being safe, certified, natural, organic, sustainable, giving back to community , ethical, eco minded, cruelty free & vegan. 

# M I N D F U L B E A U T Y

For professional advice or if you have a question regarding your skin or a product range, we encourage you to drop us a line at info@tonicskincare.net.au